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Specialized in post-production at La Maison Noire in the advertising sector, in parallel I work as a filmmaker, on various projects around the clip and the documentary.


What interests me in filmmaking, is the combination of different technical and artistic processes to tell a strong story.


In the documentary, I try to embellish reality without distorting it, to communicate on subjects that can bring a new light on our society.


The clip and the creative content are a way to launch into the infinite, there is no limit in the creation, they are interesting formats to try new things, to go out of the frame, to try several directions, to experiment, until giving to a film its singularity.


S C U L P T E U R  D E  L U M I E R E

•  Prix du Meilleur Documentaire​ - Festival de la nuit de la Transition - 2022

•  Prix du Public - Festival du Film Environnemental - 2022

•  Sélection Officielle - RCN Dompierre - 2023

A I L E S  D E  F E U

•  Prix du Jury - Festival international du Film Animalier de Namur - 2021

Prix_Festivals (1).png


S C U L P T E U R  D E  L U M I E R E

•  Diffusion​ - L'Académie du Climat - 2023

•  Diffusion​ - Picture For Nature Festival - 2023

T H E  L A S T  S P R I N G

•  Publication - Reporterre - 2019

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